Rev. Clay

Pastor: Rev. Clay

Our Church


We will be excited and honored to have you as a guest at one of our worship services.
The desire of our hearts is to see every West Virginian saved, healed, delivered, protected and prospering in the Lord.

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Thought For Today


The Father committed all Judgment to His Son because the Father is Unbegotten and, therefore, too powerful and too judgmental. If the Son were moved out of the way so that the Father looked directly at all creation, then all creation would be destroyed because He would be looking straight from His eyes. God’s Word says that the Heavens are not even clean in His sight. So, the Father has to look through the Son, and the Son has to look out upon the creation. He sees everything, but He is the Mediator. He takes hold of the creation with one Hand and God with His other Hand, and He says, “Father, look at Me; I am Clean. I am Holy. I am Pure, and I gave My Blood and stood in the place of sinful man. I redeemed this creation. Look at Me; do not look out at the creation. Let Me look at it!” Jesus is our Security. 

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